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Home Ranch Rail Fencing Installation in Georgia

Whether you own a ranch or not, a wood ranch style fence is the perfect design for any property. A ranch rail fence is a lovely finishing touch to the exterior of any property, however it is especially useful if you own large animals like horses, cows, goats, lambs, or something similar. A wood ranch rail fence’s main purpose is to keep your livestock safe by ensuring that they remain on your land and away from the road or other people’s property. To any property, big or little, this kind of fence is also a stunning and eye-catching feature.

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Ranch Rail Fence Designs

There are several different wood ranch rail fence designs available, much like other fencing types Hawk Fence Company specialises in.

The common post and slat fence that adorns many of the horse ranches in the region is called a ranch rail fence. A ranch rail fence significantly increases a property’s worth, both monetary and aesthetic. It is regal, charming, and ageless in beauty.


A ranch rail wire fence looks quite similar to a standard ranch rail fence made of wood, but it has wire put in between the slats for added security. This makes it a great security barrier for both kids and small animals.


You may design a horse corral fence anyway you like. Allow Hawk Fence Company to collaborate with you to create the ideal horse corral fence to suit your requirements.


A split rail fence is attractive and useful. Your split rail fence might be practical or only aesthetic, depending on the situation. Your decision is yours.

Details About a Ranch Style Fence

A wood ranch rail fence is often made in the Southeast, notably Georgia, from pressure-treated cedar and pine. The homeowner typically receives at least 15 years of exquisite service from this kind of material with few maintenance requirements. However, it is common to find fences that are 20 to 25 years old and are still giving their owners excellent service. Both pressure-treated pine and cedar are resistant to decay and insects.

Because it has a vibrant hue, cedar is a favourite among homeowners. It comes from the Northwest and Canada and is brought into Georgia. Pressure treated wood is inexpensive and easily accessible in Georgia since it is both grown and harvested locally in the Southeast.

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