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We anticipate you to have questions because you’re ready to invest in your property. The inquiries we receive the most about our fence services are listed below.

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General FAQs

Hawk Fence Company provides fencing installations all over Georgia.

The type of fence, its length, and the site’s characteristics are all important in determining how long it takes. However, most wooden or steel fence jobs here in Atlanta take 1-2 days to complete on average.

Yes, we offer a warranty on our work against installation flaws. We do not cover any damages caused by external reasons other than our own work.

Wood Fence FAQs

Today’s wooden fences typically endure 7 to 12 years, depending on a variety of conditions including the amount of moisture in the soil and exposure to the sun. 


Wood fences are cost effective and provices full privacy if needed. Wood is more versatile; it can be given any shape and is available in any size. It is biodegradable and environment friendly and also it can be painted with any color paint.

Yes! There should be a concrete base surrounding every fence post! Our foundations are typically dug in virgin soil, reach a depth of 2′, and range in diameter from 6″ to 10″ depending on the size of the posts.

We work with dimensional timber that is 8′ long, usually slightly about 8′. When reaching a corner or finish point, certain portions may be somewhat shorter or up to 10′ long, but nothing greater than 10′ is permissible.

Cedar is stronger and more durable than pressure-treated pine. Pressure-treated pinecan warp and weather within a few years if left untreated, while cedar is more capable of naturally keeping its shape. However, cedar is more susceptible to cosmetic damages, such as dents and scratches. On average, cedar deck planks cost between $3 and $7 per square foot, while regular pressure-treated pine costs between $2 and $5 per square foot.

While cedar privacy fences only require two runners since it is kiln dried before installation and does not need to cure in the environment, pressure treated timber privacy fences require three 2×4 frame runners to prevent the fence pickets from bending. Due to the decreased distance between frame runners, picket fences, which are normally 4′ tall, only require 2(2) 2x4s.

No, you don’t “need” to stain your new wooden fence, but over time it will improve its lifespan and appearance. A fence that is not stained will last you a long time, but with time, the sun and the weather will cause it to turn grey. A stained fence will last years longer depending on which product is used and will look more pleasing to the very end.

Double drive access gates are frequently 8′ or 10′ wide, whereas walk gates are typically 4′ wide.

Aluminum Fence FAQs

Hawk Fences exclusively employs premium aluminum fence, which is resistant to corrosion and has a durable powder coat surface. Explain here why it would rust over time 

On their aluminium fences, our manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty.

Aluminum fence posts are 6’ apart.

Steel Fence FAQs

Hawk Fences exclusively employs top-notch galvanized steel fence before applying its black finish. Our steel fences require little maintenance. Explain here why it might rust over time. 

Decorative steel fence posts are 8’ apart.

Walk gates are usually 4’ wide and double drive access gates are often 8’ or 10’ wide.


Our manufacturers provide a 20 year limited warranty on their steel fences in the Atlanta area.


Chain Link Fence FAQs

A galvanized chain link may not rust for a while, but it could do, over time. The vinyl coated chain link will stay clear of rust for many years, but it is only as strong as its weakest coating.

Chain Link fence posts are 10’ apart.


Walk gates are usually 4’ wide and double drive access gates are often 8’ or 10’ wide.


Our manufacturers typically provide a limited lifetime warranty on their chain link fences.


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