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Utilizing a driveway gate helps stop uninvited people from using driveways as an easy entrance point. Get a free estimate from us right away!

Driveway Fencing in Georgia

Your property gains an immediate presence from the driveway gate you pick for it. Hawk Fences carefully collaborates with you to identify a fence gate in a style that conveys the mood you desire with the qualities you demand, whether you are picking your fence gate for beauty or security—or both. It is crucial to thoroughly weigh all the factors that can have an impact on your decision about entry gates.

Our Latest Work Samples

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Driveway Fence Basicas

Every driveway gate we sell is specially made to meet your requirements. You can select a design, such as a moustache, an arched, a rectangle, or a reverse arched fence, that best complements your property and the rest of your fence. You may also order unique designs that reflect your individuality. To ensure the security of your house, place of business, or industrial site, we start by building your automated gate with high-quality components like a welded frame, steel posts, welded barrel or block hinges, and more. We finish it all off with a powder coating in your choice of custom colour, such as black. You may select from a variety of improvements to further personalise and customise your fence gate.

Types of Driveway Gates

Gate Cantilever
Similar to a rolling gate, a cantilever gate is distinguished by the fact that no portion of it should ever make touch with the ground. Cantilever gates have at least one significant benefit over rolling gates as a result of this design in that the movement of trash on the ground is normally unaffected.


Swing Door

Swing gates use a “arm,” which is at the centre of how they work, to swing open and close. Swing gates are used as both automated and non-automated gate solutions.


Rolling Gate
When triggered, these gates roll back to let you enter or exit the property. These kinds of gates must constantly keep their entry area clear of trash. They most frequently led with a wheel to aid in their movement. Otherwise, their operation can become choppy or the gate might stop functioning altogether.

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