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Privacy fence installation in Georgia

Look no further than Hawk Fences if you’re searching to hire a professional fence installation company in Atlanta. Having installed many thousands of feet of fence, we have the know-how and a solid reputation. With our knowledge and experience, we can show you examples of our work in nearly any combination of materials and designs to assist you in making the best decision.

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Residential Wooden Privacy Fence Design

For your Atlanta property, our team of professional fence designers will create privacy fencing just for you.

Privacy fences are normally 6 feet tall, obstructing not only the view of neighbouring homes but also the view of your yard from people around you. We can assist you in choosing and creating the ideal privacy fence design. For most common design and price-friendly, a Dog-Eared privacy fence is ideal. The traditional privacy fence designs of scalloped and saddled give a higher degree of ornamentation to your yard, boosting the area and beautifying your scenery. There are several different kinds of wooden privacy fences:


  • Dog-Eared privacy fences
  • Scalloped privacy fences
  • Saddled privacy fences
  • X-brace privacy fences

Residentail Wooden Privacy Fence Material

Two types of wood predominate in the building of privacy fences in Atlanta:


Since pressure-treated pine (P.T.P.) is produced, harvested, and treated right here in the Southeast, it is widely accessible and sometimes more affordable.
The finest wood used for cedar fence has a bright hue. We bring it from the Northwest and Canada to Atlanta.


Both of these types of wood fence are resistant to decay and insects. It is advised that a sealant be applied when your privacy fence is being built. Applying a high-quality sealer (every 3 to 5 years) helps prolong the life of your fence, keep it looking “new” for longer, and reduce wood movement during the curing process.

Your new wood fence should provide you with steady, low-maintenance service for around 15 years; but, many continue to be useful to their owners for 20 to 25 years before needing to be replaced.

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