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For many homes, picket fences in Georgia’s front or backyards provide a lot of curb appeal.

Picket Fence Installation in Georgia

A wood picket fence is one of the most recognised styles of fencing. The traditional white picket fence is still quite popular as a way to enhance the beauty, elegance, and charm of a home. If your mind still conjures up images of the above as the only way this type of fencing looks these days, then you are in for a treat. The styles of wood fence and vinyl fence that are available in a variety of options for your Georgia home today add lots of fabulous charm and privacy as well as being practical by keeping pets and small children safe. You can rely on Hawk Fence to give you the quality and service you need. We offer a wide range of picket fence types in Georgia.

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Types of Picket Fences

Petrified Wood Fence
The dog-eared wood fence nevertheless gives your home a beautiful sense of wholeness and seclusion even though it is thought of as the basic design for this sort of fence. Of course, if you like, you may paint it white, but the fence’s natural wood grain contributes to its timeless appearance.


Picket fence cap
A capped picket fence provides a timeless traditional fence style a contemporary twist, creating an eye-catching fence that distinguishes your property from the ones around it.


Scalloped Picket Fence
A scalloped fence is a work of appealing contrasts, with softly curving lines broken up by robust anchor posts. Everyone’s favourite fence has been upgraded.


French Gothic Picket Fence
A French Gothic fence immediately grabs attention and commands attention. A French Gothic pattern is a good way to give your wood or vinyl picket fence an extra depth of aesthetic beauty and intrigue.


Saddled Picket Fence
The arrangement of the posts around the exterior of the fence adds to the charm of the saddled wood picket fence design. The entire fence line now has a beautiful 3D appearance because to this exposure, which enhances its appearance.


Picket Gate
A matching picket gate to welcome guests into your house would complete any wood picket fence. You might decide to have a picket gate that blends in with the rest of your fence’s design, or Apex Fence Company can work directly with you to create a gate that is specifically tailored to your needs.

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